Social Media Strategy Workshop Oxfordshire

Because of restrictions imposed by the outbreak of Covid-19 we are delivering all workshops online until further notice.

How to Create Your Social Media Strategy Workshop Oxfordshire

As a small business, you should be using the correct mix of Social Media depending on your business, your audience, your resources available and what you can talk about.  Our small group, public, Social Media Strategy workshop is an interactive workshop to enable you to establish the correct mix of Social Media for your business.

During the 4 hour workshop we cover:

  • What does your brand stand for
  • The success of your current digital marketing
  • Your aims for social media and digital marketing
  • Your social media and digital marketing audience
  • The benefits of the social media and digital marketing channels available (12 covered)
  • What content you are going to create and share
  • How much time you need to spend
  • How you are going to measure success
  • Your Implementation plan for going forward

You will be sent a pre-course assessment to ensure you are prepared for the course.

Each course is kept to a maximum of 5 people to ensure everybody receives individual attention.


The next workshop will be: 9:00am – 1pm on Friday 9th April 2021, Faringdon, Oxfordshire.


£109 + VAT per person including pre-course assessment, handouts and follow up support.

Please contact me now to book – call +44 (0)1865 522 658 or book online here.

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Strategy Testimonial 20

"Interesting and useful tips!"

Strategy Testimonial 19

"The workshop was adaptable to the needs of the group"

Strategy Testimonial 18

"Exceeded expectations - very clear and concise!"

Strategy Testimonial 17

"I really appreciated the technical tips specific to each platform"

Strategy Testimonial 16

"I have a more structured view of how to move forward now"

Strategy Testimonial 15

"Presented in easy to understand language"

Strategy Testimonial 14

"Really well explained content plus an approachable and friendly atmosphere"

Strategy Testimonial 13

"Mary was responsive to our needs in the moment"

Strategy Testimonial 12

"A great overview of a very broad subject"

Strategy Testimonial 11

"I gained a lot of useful information on what will be useful for our company"

Strategy Testimonial 10

"The workshop was even better than I had expected"

Strategy Testimonial 9

"It's given me a great understanding of the tools I could use" (Ben Thompson)

Strategy Testimonial 8

"I now have a much better understanding of social media!"

Strategy Testimonial 7

"Very good and up-to-date information"

Strategy Testimonial 6

"Mary perfectly tailored the course to the needs of the group"

Strategy Testimonial 5

"Very useful and focused"

Strategy Testimonial 4

"The workshop has given me lots of new ideas and ways to move forward"

Strategy Testimonial 3

"Excellent course! I learnt so much and now feel a lot more confident on social media!"

Strategy Testimonial 2

"I will return to my business with practical ideas and areas for improvement and development which will add value and profit"

Strategy Testimonial 1

"Very informative, thank you!"

"Mary was responsive to all of our individual needs"

"I now know how to take a more focused approach to social media"

"A comprehensive explanation of all aspects of social media"

"I definitely recommend the workshop to others!"

"I came away more confident regarding social media, than when I arrived"

"The workshop put the wide variety of social media options into context"

"Increased my knowledge and provided great ideas"

"Expanded my knowledge and gave me more insight than expected"

"Great interaction both within the group and between the group and the trainer"

"Simple language, engaging, and just enough depth so that I didn't get bogged down!"

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