Learn to Deliver Webinars

Develop Skills To Deliver Effective Webinars

Being able to deliver online training is a great way to attract existing and potential customers as well as help to build relationships with them.

The best webinars are well planned and are interactive to make them engaging and worthwhile.

In this course you will have access to 4 e-learning modules which you work through at a pace that suits your learning. For groups of 2 or more you can choose to receive training by live webinar training sessions of 2 x 2-hour duration. The advantage of a live session is that gives you the chance to ask questions and experience an interactive webinar.

During the training Di offers lots of tips, ideas and interactive exercises. She will show you how to structure a session, how to prepare for training and how to deliver an engaging and interactive session. She can also offer advice on different webinar tools and how to decide which tool is best suited to your needs.

You are encouraged to create a plan for a webinar session and Di is happy to give you constructive feedback by email to help your development.

You will receive a Concise Certificate of Completion.

    Want To Get Started?

    Cost – £235 + VAT


    The learning and assessment process is:

    • Flexible  – learn online,
    • Practical  – implement what you learn immediately.
    • Supported – you can contact your personal assessor at any time to ask about the learning or how you are implementing what you are learning.
    What Will I Learn?

    You will be introduced to:

    • Basic principles of how people take on board information via an online webinar

    • How training can be adapted to meet individual’s needs

    • How to structure a training plan including setting clear objectives for the training

    • How to develop activities and resources to make the webinar interactive and engaging

    • How to deliver as a facilitator and not a presenter

    • How to maintain attention and motivation

    • How to determine if people are learning what you intend them to learn

    • How to evaluate and improve on your performance

    Who Is It For?

    This course is perfect for you if you are in a role in which you need to give instruction to others using a webinar format. You may be a consultant or expert in your chosen field but want to understand how to offer more services through webinar delivery.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    This course costs £235 + VAT.  Payment can be made by BACs transfer or Credit Card or PayPal (Worldwide).  This version of the course is currently available worldwide. This includes all your learning, assessment, support and Concise Training certification.

    Testimonial 1 – Train the Trainer Webinar

    I felt very supported by Di and being able to go at my pace meant I could fit the learning in where it suited me in my schedule. Having been a trainer for many years but not very confident with technology, I now feel a lot more confident about the future. Thanks very much. I have already recommended your company to my colleagues. – Jackie Norton, National Family Mediation

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