Bespoke Facebook Training

Bespoke Facebook Training

Facebook is a powerful tool when used correctly but there are a number of changes that have taken place recently which mean you can spend lots of time with little results.  This bespoke Facebook training will take between 1/2 and 1 day (depending on the current knowledge of your staff).  It should include those employees who are going to use Facebook to promote the business.  We cover:

  • Keeping Personal Profiles secure
  • Optimising Facebook business pages
  • The new ways to use Facebook for business
  • Creating content to share to get engagement (photos, updates and videos)
  • Using live videos
  • Facebook Advertising (selecting an objective, targeting, creating advertising copy)
  • Types of Facebook adverts (lead generation, videos, carousel, collection)
  • Using Facebook pixels and custom and lookalike audiences to target
  • What content the business can share to generating engagement
  • Using Facebook Insights to measure the use of Facebook

Each course will be practical so staff understand how to implement what they learn and will be based on what your business can say and do to engage your customers.

Contact us now to get a quote for your Facebook training.  The cost will be dependent on location and length of course you need.  We will discuss your exact requirements before providing a quote.

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Testimonial 11 – Bespoke Facebook
"The workshop managed to educate regular users without losing the interest ot anyone, despite some being beginners." Ian Restall, Cinnamon Care Collection
Testimonial 10 – Bespoke Facebook
"I enjoyed the interactive workshop.  Also appreciated there were no 'stupid' questions. Katuryn Duffell
Testimonial 9 – Bespoke Facebook
"Really clear teaching and a good pace for a complete novice!" Lian Beadell, Cinnamon Care Collection
Testimonial 8 – Bespoke Facebook
"I enjoyed polishing my Facebook skills and gaining confidence and knowledge".
Testimonial 7 – Bespoke Facebook
"I enjoyed seeing how the group all got involved and became excited about using Facebook". David Reaves, Cinnamon Care Collection

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