Why take a Concise Training social media short course?

The idea of online shopping is always fun, until you realise that, shock horror, there is too much choice. The same can be said of searching for an online social media course. You’ve already put time and energy into identifying the skills you need to develop, but now you are faced with a million and one course options. It’s enough to make you want to close your laptop! We get it.

We’re going to breakdown why a Concise Training social media short course is the right option for you, and hopefully save you a lot of hassle in the process.


Our social media courses are accredited

First things first, most of our social media courses are CPD accredited. That means that an independent body recognises the high standard of our courses and believes they will support your professional development.

What does that mean for you? Well it means that our CPD accredited courses are a great way to make any job application stand out. After completing one of our courses you’ll have the option to undergo an assessment and gain CPD points and a certificate. Employers will know that you have taken a quality course that has meaningfully developed your skillset.

Some of the most in-demand skills currently are Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design and Management, and Social Media Strategy.


Our social media courses offer no-nonsense solutions to growing a business

Whether you are a job-seeker, looking to develop a new skill for your current job or want to manage social media for your own company, our courses offer no nonsense solutions for business. We know that our methods work because we practice what we preach and manage digital marketing for clients of our own.

We will walk you through everything you need to know to make a difference to a business. For example, just some of the topics our Facebook for Business course covers in detail are:

  • How to effectively create, target and measure adverts.
  • How to create and manage a Facebook shop.
  • How to use Facebook tools like Business Manager and Creator Studio.
  • How to develop and schedule a content plan.

Unlike a lot of other courses, at Concise we will help you with the less pretty but more practical elements of using a social media platform.


Our social media courses are up to date

When Mary our Director and Founder first created the Concise social media short courses in 2013, she realised that they could very quickly go out of date as social media channels change so frequently. She made the commitment to update our courses every 6 months, which we continue today. It never ceases to amaze us how many changes are needed each time!

To ensure you are provided with up to date information as a learner, we include 12 months of access to each course. This means you get at least 1 free course update during your time with us. We’ll also send you monthly social media update documents via our Facebook group so you’re kept in the loop during your learning journey!


Our social media courses are fully supported

Learning is not a passive experience which is why, in addition to making our courses highly interactive, we support our learners. You’ll be able to get in touch and ask us questions about social media or the courses more widely. With over 10 years of experience, we should know the answer to your question or can certainly find it out!

You can get in touch via email, the live chat function on our website or by posting in our exclusive learner support group on Facebook, which is free when you buy a course.


Our social media courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, our social media courses are accessible 24/7 online. This means that your learning fits around your individual routine and work patterns. Learners have even been known to log on at 2am! All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be able to access our courses anywhere, anytime.


Finally… our social media courses are great value for money

Our final reason for why you should take a Concise Training social media course has to be the price – they are great value for money! We only charge £99 + vat for our social media courses because we don’t want price to be a barrier for small independent businesses.

To give you an idea of the money you could save by doing one of our courses, take a look at the Nutracollins Consulting website created by Geoff Collins after doing our WordPress Course.

We also offer a money back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with the course tell us up to 7 days after your purchase and we’ll refund you in full. Most of our learners are pretty smitten once they see the quality of our courses, though.


To sum it all up

To recap, our courses are:

  • Accredited and valued by employers
  • Detailed and will offer no-nonsense solutions to growing a business
  • Full of the latest information and regularly updated
  • Fully supported via email, live chat and our Facebook group
  • Great value for money and offer no risk

So, what are you waiting for?! Buy a social media short course from Concise Training.