Concise Learner - Joe MortonJoe you recently completed our 18-month Diploma in Digital Marketing. How have things changed in your businesses since you started?

Things have changed massively in the business, with us both moving premises and hiring two new Level 3 Apprentices. It’s been great for me to be able to teach the new apprentices new things and see them develop as I did in the 18 months of my first apprenticeship.

Tell me more about your business

We help companies, mostly in the Chesterfield area, with all online and digital marketing as well as press releases and editorial work. Whether it’s social media management, website content creation, press release writing or any design work, our team will be able to help. We generally look at building long-term relationships but still do plenty of project work such as social media management through a hectic time or designing websites.

Do you remember why you took our course?

I took the course to make sure I could learn the skills I needed in order to work efficiently in the office and to develop myself as a marketer. With the knowledge I gained throughout the course, I have become much more useful to the company.

What are your aims for 2018?

I aim to continue working hard at my Level 4 apprenticeship to further develop my knowledge of the sector and the work involved in it. Also, I hope to have another successful year with the business as we will hopefully see it grow even more.