Facebook Admin Roles

Did you know that you can now set different roles for the adminstrators of your page?

Each administrator can be one ofFacebook Admin Roles

Insights Analyst – Can only view insights, or how the page is performing

Advertiser – In addition, can create ads and view insights

Moderator – In addition, can respond to and delete comments, send message as the Page

Content Creator – In addition, can edit the page, create posts as the page

Manager – In addition can manage the admin roles

Schedule Posts for the Future

You can now schedule posts on Facebook to be posted up to 6 months in advance.  To do this, create the post and click the button in the bottom left hand corner.  Choose the year, month, day and time in which you want the post to appear.  Click Schedule and it will automatically appear at the appropriate place in your Page’s timeline.

Does this make your life easier?