Are you using video in your content marketing?  I know it is something that I want to use better during the second half of 2013. Producing a video is a great way of showing the personality behind your business and another way of communicating with your audience.

Tools to create video

A video does not always have to be a moving image of you or your employees or a talking head – although this can sometimes be valuable.  We cover creation of video in our Video for Business online course.  You might want to consider creating the following types of video:

  1. A screen recording of your on line product or to share Twitter for Business Videohints and tips.  I use Screen-cast-o-matic to record the demonstration of the Concise Training Twitter online course.
  2. A video made out of a series of PowerPoint slides with audio or music.  This may well get your point across and is an easy way to start with video.  Using PowerPoint 2010, you can save your presentation as a video file.  Have a look at the instructions from Microsoft.
  3. How about using VideoScribe to create a ‘writing hand’ style of video?  I love thisCreative Thinking Video Scribe video from Amanda Graham of Equalta.  Amanda does training in creative thinking and produced this video to share an example of what she can do.  I believe it was easy to use the software – producing a fantastic result.
  4. Another tool you might want to explore is PowToon.  This tool allows you to create cartoon style videos to get your point across.  Depending on your audience, this may be a more appropriate tool for you.

From 1st May, Concise Training are starting a series of short daily tips to showcase our online courses.  Do have a look at the Concise Online channel and subscribe to get the tips.  The May tips are all about using LinkedIn.

What tools to create video have you used?  It would be great to share ideas.