So how are the LinkedIn profile changes going to affect you?  Have you noticed your individual profile has been changed?

In general, the LinkedIn profile has been slimmed down – you may have noticed that the blog app and events app have disappeared – and it is easier to update the sections.

Some ways to take advantage of the LinkedIn Profile changes to make you look even better:

1. The groups you belong to are more visible so you should make sure they are relevant and targeted.

2. The companies and news updates you follow are also prominently displayed.  So make sure you are following your own company, your business partners or companies you want to work with in the future.

3. Your status updates activities are displayed at the top of your profile, so you should update your status regularly and with relevance.

4. You can add documents, videos and slideshare presentations to each of your jobs.  A great way of highlighting reports or videos about your company.

5. When you look at somebody’s profile, you can see what groups you have in LInkedIn Profile Changescommon with them and how their network divides by company, location, education or industry.  Use this to see what you have in common with somebody and whether their network falls into your target audience.

6. You can change the order that your current jobs are displayed on your profile.  it doesn’t change at the top, but does change in the Experience section.

7. You can change the order Recommendations are displayed.