Have you looked at a Facebook business page recently? You may notice some changes!

1. MastHead

Each page has been given a new masthead (top of the page) of the five most recently added images in a random order.  With some thought, you can use this to your advantage – try adding some images that reflect your brand.  Just a note – the images need to be 97 pixels wide by 68 pixels high.

Concise Training Facebook masthead example

2. Tabs

Tabs have disappeared and have been replaced by navigation links on the left hand side. Spend some time looking at these to make sure you only show relevant links, and it is worth sorting them into a logical order of importance.

To sort the tabs into order of importance, you first need to make 9 tabs visible. To make tabs visible, click Edit Page > Apps.  Click Edit Settings for the Apps that are not already displayed and click Add.  Repeat until 9 tabs are visible, you will then see a ‘More’button displayed.  Click More and Edit to be able to drag and drop tabs into the correct place. Hide any irrelevant tabs by using Edit Settings and Remove.

3. Use Page Profile

One great improvement (in my opinion) is that you can now use the page persona to like and comment on other pages (rather than using your individual profile) – but be aware that other pages can now comment on your page – so you will need to be viligent about checking posts on your own page.  You can’t comment on personal profiles – just pages.

4. Featured Pages

It has always been a good idea for pages to ‘like’ other pages.  You can now choose which of the pages you have ‘liked’ are featured on the bottom left of your page.  To do this, Edit your Page and click the Featured button.

5. Email Alerts

Admins can now opt to receive an email alert whenever a comment is made on one of their pages.

Over To You

I would love to know what you think of the changes to Facebook.  Are you finding it easier to use or not?