We caught up with one of our former Concise Training learners; Andrew Hawthorn.

Andrew, you recently completed our City & Guilds Certificate in Social Media qualification.  How have things changed for you since you started?

Since completing the course – I have been fortunate enough to be in the position to progress my personal training business and start a new one.

From being a solo Personal Trainer for a few years, I am now working with other trainers to help them market their business online.  I already have a trainer based in Basingstoke, one in Newbury and I’m in contact with one in Reading who I’m hoping to sign up next week. All this has happened in the last month!

The skills I learnt on the course have given me the confidence to market different businesses on various social media platforms. I’m also in the position to set up simple but well-optimized websites and ensure they are performing well.

Tell me more about your businesses

I have three businesses boxATHome Newbury, ATHandMedia and boxATHome Fitness. boxATHome Newbury – This is my personal fitness training business. I have clients in the Newbury area who enjoy training with me.  The focus in on boxing for fitness but includes other exercises and nutrition advice.  Having a “boxing” personal training background as well as being involved in the sport has given me the passion to get more people into it.

boxATHome Franchise –The boxATHome model is available as a franchise business.  I am keen to work with other trainers who are also experienced in the sport.  I will market them in their own area as a boxATHome “mobile” trainer. The package I offer includes setting up and running their website, a regular blog and Facebook page. After just a couple of weeks of hiring my first trainer, I managed to get him 3 new clients in one weekend which was a great start!

ATHandMedia – I can create 2 and 5-page websites as well as a social media package to kick-start the business. This is designed to help businesses who may be unfamiliar with or just feel they’re not getting much out of social media. I can help with content as well as tips and guidance moving forward with their social media marketing. I also include paid ads as part of the package – helping the business reach the masses!

Although I specialise in the fitness industry, I am happy to work with all kinds of businesses. I really enjoy getting creative when it comes to producing content.

Can you remember why you chose our course?

Mainly because I’ve really enjoyed the digital side of running my business over the years and wanted to take it further. The course has given me all the skills and qualifications to set up a social media agency as well as grow my PT business.

What are your plans for 2019?

Keep growing my boxATHome franchise. I aim to have five trainers working in five different towns by the summer and hopefully ten by the end of the year!

Contact Information

Email –  andrew@athandmedia.co.uk

Website – www.athandmedia.co.uk   

Tel – 07834 827179