Facebook updates - June 2018In some of our recent blog posts we have explored some of the latest updates on Instagram and Twitter. It’s now time for Facebook to receive similar treatment as we look at some of the latest updates and changes.


Facebook has completed the app review, so apps like Chatbot can now be used in Messenger to provide customer service. You can read more about bots and see some examples in action here.


Users will see a new tab in Facebook where they can engage with groups they are a part of. In addition new functionality will be available to add a ‘Join Group’ button to websites

Dating service

Facebook have announced that they will be creating a dating service inside the app that will allow users to opt into. Users will be able to use text only messaging. The service will encourage people to meet in real life by selecting people who are interested in similar groups and are attending similar events.

When Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement in early May, he admitted it will share some features with Tinder but its aim is to build ‘real long term relationships – not just hookups’

Analytics App

Facebook have released a new app to help you ‘stay on top of your growth, engagement and conversion efforts on-the-go’. You can select a page or pixel and see information quickly and easily. It is a good little app and I particularly like the pixel reports.

Facebook Page ReportScreen shot - Facebook page report
Pixel ReportScreen shot - Pixel report

Facebook Live Updates

A number of updates are coming to Facebook Live:

  • Live videos can be crossposted to multiple pages at the same time.
  • An option that will be rolling out shortly is the ability to rewind live footage.

Messenger App

There is now a tab in the Messenger App that allows you to give feedback on a message. To do this:

  • Click the ‘i’ on the top rightScreen shot - To give feedback on a message click the 'i' on the right.
  • Scroll down (if necessary) and click Something’s WrongScreen shot - Click 'Something's Wrong'
  • Click what the problem is.Screen shot - click what is wrong

Discover Tab

The Discover Tab on Messenger is rolling out in the UK which will allow you to find:

  • chatbots and business pages
  • a free-form search field so you can find specific chatbots and pages
  • a recently used option showing chatbots and pages you have recently interacted with

Do let us know in the comments, which of these updates you’re most looking forward to.