There have been some LinkedIn Groups changes.Cast your mind back a few years and LinkedIn was pleased to announce the introduction of standalone groups apps on IOS and Android and several changes to the way that groups were administered.

Fast forward to mid-Feb this year and the groups apps have been withdrawn and there are more changes to the administration and behaviour of groups rolling out.

In this blog you can read about the LinkedIn Group changes.

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Groups are coming back!

Changes are being rolled out to LinkedIn groups. They are moving back on to the home page and you will see the latest content from your groups on the homepage feed.

Are you aware of the LinkedIn Group changes?


You will receive notifications about the latest content and engagement in your groups.


Videos can be posted into groups and discussions about the videos can be carried on in the group by replying to comments posted there. This should make it easier to follow conversations and keep them going.

Conversation can also be stimulated by mentioning people in posts made to groups and they will be notified that they have been tagged in a post.


Most of the changes can be summarised by saying LinkedIn groups are now a bit more like Facebook groups than they were before.

You should see these changes start to appear in your LinkedIn profile over the coming months. Let us know what you think.

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