Twitter have made it easier to create threads on its platform.Twitter is rolling out an easier way to create a series of Tweets. You will be able to create a Tweet containing up to 280 characters, hit a plus sign and then type another Tweet.

Previously you could create a thread by posting a Tweet and then replying to your own Tweet, which was quite a long-winded way of creating a thread. This new way is much easier and allows you to post your complete thread all at once.

How to create a Twitter thread

Start to create a Tweet – as soon as you type something you will notice that the ‘+’ sign option becomes available.

It's easy to create a Twitter thread.

When you have created your first Tweet, press the ‘+’ icon and compose your next Tweet.Clicking the + button allows you to add to your Twitter thread.

Repeat this process until you have composed all the Tweets you want in your thread

When you are happy to Tweet the complete thread, press the ‘Tweet all’ button.

Once you are ready you click Tweet all to display your thread.

Twitter users will need to click ‘show this thread’ to see the whole series of Tweets.

Creating a thread is a great way of grouping your Tweets together. Companies use them for promoting related products or for producing useful content such as step by step guides.

Will creating threads be useful for you? Do let us know any ways you could think of using Twitter threads.