Pinterest has been busy recently creating new ways for you to use visual search on its platform. In this blog, we look at each feature individually and provide information and insights into how they can be utilised.


The concept of Lens is simple but the results are powerful. Point Lens camera search tool at any object, a plant, wallpaper, bedding etc. and see what it finds. It optimises what a visual search tool can do by using your smartphone’s camera to take a photo of an object and finding items similar to the style, colour and appearance.

To access lens you select the camera icon in the top right-hand corner.

You aim your camera at the item you wish to use to search for similar items and press the white circle at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve taken the image you will see little dots appear which indicates that lens is working on your results.

You will then see the results of the visual search including keywords related to the image E.G. ‘shoes’, ‘running’ ‘Adidas’ and images which lens has identified as being similar to the original items. If you click on a keyword it will show you results based on that keyword. You can then pin any images which are relevant to your chosen board.

Shop the Look

Shop the look is currently only available in the US. It’s a handy feature in which blue circles indicate different parts of a fashion or home decor Pin. By clicking on one of the circles the user will be taken to a ‘Buyable Pin’ where they can then complete the purchase of the item.

The visual search of shop the look is highlighted by the blue dots.

Image source – Pinterest

Responsive Visual Search

Responsive visual search is rolling out soon for iOS devices. According to Pinterest, it will provide “a more seamless and immersive way to search images.” You pinch to zoom on an object you see within a pin to automatically start a visual search for similar Pins.


Pincodes are essentially Pinterest’s version of a QR code. Pinterest has teamed up with some major brands including Kraft Heinz who will eventually add Pincodes to their products. When you see a Pincode, you open the Pinterest app and select the camera icon on the top right-hand side of the screen. Point your camera at the Pincode which will automatically scan the code without the need to capture an image. You will instantly access Pins, boards, and other ideas on Pinterest related to the Pincode you’ve scanned.

Create your own Pincode

You can easily create your own Pincode to give to your friends and family so that they can access your Pinterest profile and follow you.

To create your own Pincode go to your profile page and click on your profile image.

Click on ‘Create Pincode’. This will then save a copy of your Pincode to your photos so you can share it easily.

Pincodes are a really useful addition and could be used to great effect by brands and businesses around the world. Imagine you are shopping in your favourite clothing store and you love all the items on a particular stand, how great would it be to just scan a Pincode and get images of all the clothes on that stand directly to your Pinterest account?

Will you be using these new features?  Do share your experiences.

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