Facebook has unveiled its new Messenger Kids app.

Facebook has previewed a new version of its Messenger app which is specifically aimed at children. Messenger Kids has been co-developed with experts, parents and kids.

The app can be installed on a tablet or smartphone but is controlled by a parent’s Facebook account so all contacts are parent approved. The home screen will show the contacts they are approved to connect with and when they are online. They can then decide whether to start a one to one or group video chat. Facebook said that there are no adverts or in-app purchases and the child’s information will not be used for advertising purposes.

Kids will also be able to text, video and photo messages to their approved contacts who will receive their messages via the regular Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook has also developed a range of child-friendly GIFs, stickers, frames, masks and drawing tools so they can be creative whilst they chat with their family and friends.

The Kids Messenger app will include child friendly GIFs, frames and masks.
Facebook confirmed that there will be no advertising within the app and that they will not use children’s data for ad targeting.

Messenger Kids is currently only previewing in the US but is expected to be rolled out worldwide after a successful trial.

What do you think? Would you encourage/let your children use this app?