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In the latest of our interviews with past Concise learners, we catch up with Roxanne Lawrence.

You completed our Diploma in Social Media around 6 months ago. What have you been up to since?

I spent the first few months after finishing figuring out what I needed to do to build my confidence. I know I completed the course, but I still felt I needed more confidence to be able to sell my services. I have 3 children – aged 11 months, 1 ½ years and 6 years old and enjoyed spending some time relaxing with them and letting what I had learnt sink in.

I then started looking at jobs and realised that I really would be able to achieve my ambition of earning money and still being able to work around my children. I updated my profile on LinkedIn and applied for a part-time social media content manager role which I got. I was then headhunted through my network and have just got an additional part time role working for a new brand – We Grow Daily. I am initially creating the social media strategy and policy for them and then will implement the strategy. I have realised that I just know the right things to include in the strategy – because of the course. I hadn’t realised quite how much I had picked up! I’ve also been contacted by a recruitment company – due to having the qualification. I really can now build a career as a social media strategy consultant as well as training people to use social media.

Doing the course has opened up these doors – 100%”

Do you remember why you took our course?

There were a number of reasons.

  • I wanted a recognised qualification. People have heard of ‘City & Guilds’ so it makes it more credible on my CV. There are lots of social media diplomas out there – but they are just names rather than an accredited qualification.
  • I also wanted to know how to do social media for business properly. People think it is easy, but I wanted to have the underlying business aspects of social media. I felt it would offer more flexible opportunities to have a career.
  • I liked the detail of the course. It seemed like it would give me a lot of information.
  • I felt that I could get it done – even though I was pregnant with my third child. This turned out to be correct, My tutor, Di, was very accommodating and helped me get the course finished – even if slightly late and ensured I still had access to the e-learning for a couple of months after the course.

What are your business / personal aims for 2017?

I want to build the brand of Grow Daily which is an online portal bringing together inspirational videos, books, podcasts into one place to help people develop both personally and in business. I also want to build upon what I learnt in the course to see it in action.

You can contact Roxanne

Roxanne Lawrence



T: 07940 707783

T: @WeGrowDaily

L: @glamroxanne