CT Learner James Stevenson

James, you finished your social media and digital marketing apprenticeship in Sept 2016. As part of your apprenticeship, you took our Diploma in Social Media for Business. You were working with Global Knowledge at the time, how has your role changed since?

Global Knowledge sells IT courses with over 40 training centres in 12 countries and offering 1000 courses. The courses offered are customer focused to ensure effective, convenient training supported by responsive customer service.

I am still working in digital marketing with Global Knowledge, but after I finished my apprenticeship, I moved to the UK side of things (I was working on EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Asia). My role is within the team focused on the website – maintaining the Content Management System (CMS), looking at Google Analytics and making changes for search engine optimisation. I also do a little pay per click optimisation. I have more responsibility now and slightly more focus.

How did the course you did with Concise Training help during your apprenticeship?

Because we applied our learning through practice with Concise Training, it gave me the confidence to make and suggest changes in real life situations.

What are your business goals for 2017?

During 2017, I am going to be part of the Global Knowledge team who are going to migrate to a mobile optimised solution for our 14 websites (UK and EMEA). I would like to continue to be involved in large projects and take on more responsibility.