Facebook page changes - do you need a website? Facebook have made some changes to the layout of their business pages.

Facebook have rolled out a major change to the look of pages on desktops.  The tabs that were along the top have moved down the right hand, the profile picture has been separated from the cover photo and the call to action button is much more prominent.

This screenshot shows how Facebook have changed they appearance of their business pages.

How can businesses benefit from these changes?

  1. You can use the whole space in the cover image without worrying about your profile picture covering it – though you still need to think about how it looks on mobile
  2. Your call to action button has become more prominent and therefore you need to check it is relevant for your page.
  3. The page name @concisetraining is clearly displayed and should be used on your marketing instead of the full URL
  4. The tabs now displayed on the left-hand side (they were there a few years ago!) offer more opportunity to show people what your business is all about.  For example, looking at our page:
    • We have a Newsletter Signup tab (using the Mailchimp Facebook app).  This is now much more prominent on the left-hand side than it was when it was hidden on the top.  
    • Our blog posts are published using the Networked Blogs app and are now easily available under the ‘Our Blog’ tab
    • We have used the Woobox App to publish the shopping page from our website under Online Courses
    • The Pinvolve app will show our Pinterest Boards

Having the tabs on the left-hand side makes it more likely that they will be used by visitors to your page.  You could even point them out in your posts.

Do you still need a website? 

There is definitely a website feel to the new page – and reconfirms the idea that Facebook are trying to take over from the need for a separate website.  However, I believe that a website will still be essential.  I don’t like the idea of being captive to the whim of Facebook changes – and the newsfeed algorithm and lack of search make it very difficult for businesses to be found / seen on Facebook.

Over to you

What do you think of the Facebook Page changes? Let us know if you have any questions.