Facebook have changed how you Like another Page as a Facebook Page.

The way a Facebook Page can Like another Page has changed.  Follow the following procedure: 

The image shows the 'Like' button that is shown on Facebook Pages.

  1. Log in as yourself as usual 
  2. Go to the page you want to Like
  3. Click the three dots next to Message 
  4. Click ‘Like As Your Page’

Using the dropdown box you can select to like Facebook Pages as another page.

  1. Select the page to use to Like.
  2. Click Save

This means that you can now see posts from the page in your page’s timeline.  To do this, go to your Page and choose ‘See Pages Feed’ on the left-hand side of any page you own. 

How to Like a Facebook Page as another Facebook Page - Pages Feed Image

What do you think of the way Facebook has changed the way you use your page?  Are you thinking of implementing Business manager if you manage more than one page?