Feeling overwhelmed?
When I’ve been out and about recently, I’ve heard several people say they know they should be using digital technologies to market their business, but even if they do have a strategy (which many still don’t) they are finding it all a bit overwhelming. I can understand this – there are so many people saying you should be using this channel or that channel it can get very confusing, be time consuming and difficult to know which is the best option.

I think there is a minimum you should do, whatever business you are in:

1. Optimised website

A website is central to everything you do and will be the place customers find you or the place customers check you out before working with you. Your website must be optimised both for your keyword phrases and for mobile viewing.

2. Email newsletters

I’m still amazed how many businesses I talk to don’t use a newsletter to regularly keep in touch with customers. Your subscriber list is owned by you (as opposed to another channel) and offers you an opportunity to regularly talk to people who have opted in. You can see who opens newsletters and who clicks on links and follow up appropriately.

A newsletter dropping into their inbox is often the reminder people need to get back in contact.

3. LinkedIn or Facebook

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool, particularly for B2B businesses and this database of potential contacts is just amazing. However, I can appreciate it isn’t always the right tool for B2C businesses – so I offer Facebook as an alternative. I don’t mean just have a profile though.  Actually use the tool by sharing interesting or useful information. You all know an incredible amount of information about your business or industry. Share your knowledge at least once a week.

4. Added value content

Create regular, useful content that you can share with your audience. You may want to use a blog post or create short videos, create infographics or Slideshares (you could even reuse the same content in all these different formats) it will depend on your audience and what you have got to say. Content should be high quality, relevant and planned.  Once you have created the content, distribute it on each of your channels.

5. Use one other channel

Select and use one other channel that is relevant to your audience. If you sell products, you may want to use Instagram to share high quality, aspirational images of your product in action, if you want to converse with influencers or journalists, then Twitter may be the one for you. If you are a B2C business, consider Facebook, if you are B2B, consider SlideShare or blogging.

So in summary, I would recommend you use a few digital marketing channels really well rather than spreading yourself too thin and always ensure you plan you activities against your overall objectives.