Facebook improves personal profile functionalityOver the last couple of months, Facebook has made a few changes to make it easier to use from a personal profile.  In this post we will look at Newsfeed preferences, searching, and saving posts and pages to view later.

Facebook Newsfeed Preferences

News Feed preferences is available from the drop down on the top right of the page.News Feed Drop Down

It will show a list of the top people, Pages and Groups that you have seen in your Newsfeed over the past week.

newsfeed preferences


You can choose to sort by people, pages or group posts or see an overall summary.  You can use this to choose to unfollow (but still remain friends with) people who talk more than others.  This also makes it easy to unfollow pages who are selling too much – or not adding value.

Updates to Search

Facebook Graph Search is only available to people using US Choose US EnglishEnglish on their Facebook page.  To change to US English, scroll down on your Home page to underneath the Ads.  Click UK English and select US English.

Once you choose US English, you can  search by the Interests or ‘Likes’ your friends have indicated.  For example searching ‘Restaurants my friends like’ brings up posts, people or pages with Restaurants that have been visited, ‘liked’ or talked about by my friends.

Graph Search

It is now possible to also search past posts.  If you remember seeing something but can’t remember the details, you can use Facebook search to find the posts. Search is available on mobile and results are personalised. You will only be able to see things that have been shared with you. Remember search is are only available if you use US English.


You can save pages and posts that contain links or photos that you have seen to view later.  You can only save as a person not as a page.

To Save a Page, click on the three dots in the Cover Photo and select Save.

Save a Facebook Page

To save a Post with links, photos (with links), video or events, click on the arrow on the right side and Save.

Save a Post

To view the things you have saved, click Saved on the left hand side of your home page.  Only you will see the things you have saved.

View Saved Posts

I would like to know what you think – are you going to make use of these options to make your personal use of Facebook better?  If you are considering using Facebook for Business, you might want to have a look at our Facebook E-Learning course.