LinkedIn seems to have changed recently in the way that you can send messages to a group of contacts.  6/11/14 – it has changed back 🙂

There is a very useful facility within the Connections tab of LinkedIn that allows LinkedIn Connections Tab you to group contacts together and message up to 50 individuals within the group.  Used carefully, this can be a really good way of sending relevant messages.

To do this use the filter option to see contacts by location or company or filter by a tag.LinkedIn Filter options You can assign a contact to one or more tags by clicking on Tag under the contact name.

LinkedIn Tag Contact

A contact can be in more than one tag and you can create tags of your own. Tags are kept private.

If you then filter by tag, you can see all contacts you have tagged as ‘Prospects’ for example. You can then send them all a message by clicking Message at the top.

Sounds good? Be warned, LinkedIn have changed the way messages are displayed to recipients. You used to be able to select an option to not show email addresses to other recipients which effectively sent a blind copy.  Now it shows the names of each of the recipients as shown in the image.Tweet this

Update 6/11/14 – the facility has changed again so now you can select the option to blind copy!

LinkedIn Send MessageClearly this significantly changes how you can use the messaging option – so do be careful!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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