A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the importance of a social media content plan as a way of planning your original content.  I’ve been asked by a number of people for tips on how to find content to share on social media – so some suggestions:

1. Frequently asked questions
This is one of the easiest ways to get content ideas.  Every time one of your customers asks you a question about your product or service, write down the answer.  Questions may be asked by telephone, email or face to face – write them all down.  Now answer the questions on social media updates.  So for example, I often get asked – “Which social media tools should I use?”.  The answer is “It depends on your audience, your business, your aims and your resources” – an easy one to share on social media.

2. Go back to basics
Think about the really obvious things that are related to your product or service.  What are the things that you know that others might forget?  A typical example of me going back to basics is ‘Remember to thank everybody who mentions or shares your updates on social media”.  Not rocket science but loads of people forget to do it – and an easy status update for me to publish.

3. What should people ask if they need your product or service
If somebody is looking for your product or service, what questions should they ask to make sure that they are receiving value for money and getting the correct service?  You shouldn’t sell your qualities implicitly but it will inevitably happen.  In my case, I would want people to find out whether their potential social media trainer actually has a training qualification.

4. Share articles you have read
You might have recently read an interesting article that is relevant to your product or service or more widely relevant to your audience.  Share the article on your social media to add value and interest to your updates

5. Share your knowledge
Don’t be afraid to give away useful information.  It feels wrong to give away your “secrets” but in reality you won’t be giving away everything, just enough to show your credibility, build trust in your brand and get people wanting more.  Typical examples are all these blog entries I’m writing.

So 5 ways to get you started – there are loads more.  Can you share any that have worked for you?