There have recently been a few changes to LinkedIn company pages to make them more useful.  It might be worth having a look:

See all Companies you are Following

By clicking Interests > Companies from the main menu, you can see updates from all the companies you are following.  On the right you will see those companies you have administration rights to.

Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are a way of creating sub pages under your company profile. For example, I am LinkedIn Showcase Pagesworking with a client who has an audience in the UK, the Netherlands and Finland. The audience in the Netherlands and Finland appreciate being able to communicate with the company in their own language. By using showcase pages, the client can create the main page in English and then two showcase pages – 1 in Dutch and the other in Finnish. Their audience can choose to follow the main page or one of the showcase pages depending what updates they are interested in.

For smaller businesses, showcase pages may not be appropriate as they may split your audience but if you have a separate set of products / services and /or distinct audiences, they may be worth looking at.  To create a showcase page, look at your page as an administrator and click the dropdown next to Edit.

Change the Image on a Shared Link

When you share an update with a link to a website, LinkedIn will automatically attempt to LinkedIn companies choose imageretrieve information from the website including introductory text and an image. In the past this has caused problems with arbitrary images appearing.  You can now change the image that will be displayed next to the link.  To change the image, include the link in the usual way, hover over the current image and choose Upload Image.

Engage as a Page

When somebody engages on an update on your page, you can Like or Comment on the interaction as your page.  This is a great way to continue the conversation without administrators having to use their personal profile.

Are you using company profiles to engage with your audience?  They can be a useful way of getting your message out to more people.  Let me know what you think of the latest changes.  If you need help using LinkedIn better, you may want to take a look at our LinkedIn E-Learning course.