Happy Belated New Year to all my customers / contacts / friends.  What were your New Year resolutions?  I hope that at least some of you have a resolution to rethink your Social Media!  Do have a look at our updated online courses if you need help.  They have been updated to work on tablets as well as to include updates that have happened in social media.

I was watching Sherlock a few weeks ago – there was a bit that showed how Twitter was meant to have gone crazy with the news that Sherlock was dead – (#sherlockdead). It struck me how Twitter and other social media platforms are as normal as “Google” now – depicted in TV programmes and films.

Consumers are developing an expectation of social media.  If somebody wants to find out about your business, they will look on your website and then have a look on your social media channels – see what you are saying and who you are talking to.  What will your potential customers find out about you? How does what you say reflect on the brand and values of your business.  How much value do you add?

I did a quick review of a client today.  I started off with their website and then looked at Schedule Updatesall of their social media channels.  They had some fantastic content that was created a few months ago on YouTube but they weren’t telling anybody about it!  This isn’t unusual.  Most people have a real fear of over promoting content – “I’ve just posted a link to that piece of content so I don’t need to tell everybody again”.  I know, I’m guilty as charged – I only post links to my blog posts the day after I publish my blog.  However unless the content is time specific there is no harm in reminding people it is there.

My own New Year resolution is to schedule updates to link to blogs or other content several times over the weeks or months after I have initially published.

What is your New Year resolution for social media?  I’d love to know in the comments below and of course do let me know if I can help you implement it!