Earlier this year I was delighted to be approached by BookBoon to write a series of free e-books – the first to help individuals use social media called “Using Social Media for Personal Gain”.

As you know, social media is the use of tools on the Internet to find news (world, sports,Social Media for Personal Gain celebrity, etc.), share what you are doing with others and communicate with businesses, brands, media agencies, etc. It is a way of “engaging with a large number of people in a time efficient and cost effective way”.

In my opinion it is so important to understand your personal brand before you start using Social Media so that you don’t misrepresent yourself in this very public forum.

The purpose of this eBook is to encourage you to think about your personal brand, explain the differences between varieties of social media tools and get you started using the main tools for your personal use.  Your personal use may be to find a job, to communicate with others, to talk to brands or to create a personal blog.

This is a complete book and covers how and why to use all the major social media tools. The model that BookBoon uses encourages their range of books to be downloaded for free – so why not download it now and improve your personal use of social media?

I would love to know what you think.