Number nineteen of our weekly interviews in which we discover how real businesses are making Social Media work for them. Please meet Ellen Watts from ElleRich Training Limited and Ellen Unlimited.

Who are you and what do you do?

I run 2 businesses:

ElleRich Training Limited – I have been running this for 17 years offering customer service, sales, presentation and management skills.

Ellen Unlimited – I recently wrote ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier – How to have more of what you want – more often’ about working with the laws of the Universe to get more of what you want.  This has led to a number of speaking engagements so I have set this up as a separate brand.

I also help with a charity – the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust.

Ellen Watts


How do you use Social Media?

I have set up a Facebook Page for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust which has proved to be very successful.

I do have a Facebook Page for Ellerich Training, but it has not been so successful as it hasn’t appealed to the right audience. However the Facebook Page for my book has had a good deal of activity.  I use it to share motivational quotes and to announce where I am next speaking.

I have had a profile on LinkedIn for a number of years but I’m now using it to promote events and to drive traffic to my website and my Facebook pages.  I find it is a good way of consolidating physical networking and the discussions I get involved with in groups are a good way of making me more visible.

I find my Twitter accounts of ellerichltd and ellenunlimited to be a great way of meeting and chatting with people I would not have met any other way.  I seem to have connected with more people abroad than in this country – and there is no way I would have met them without Twitter.

I haven’t yet used Google+ or Pinterest.  The next plan is to start a blog and to improve my YouTube channel.

Can you share a Personal Success Story?

From Twitter, I have had book sales, traffic to my website and found corporate speaking engagements.  Recently I was offered a speaking engagement in the UK from somebody I was talking to on Twitter which could lead to other speaking engagements in Europe.

During my first week on Twitter, I had somebody follow me from Saudi Arabia who then asked me to create a guest blog for them.  An hour after it had gone live, it had been picked up by a Saudi Training magazine.

I think that the various Social Media channels have brought me as much business as traditional marketing!

Can you give our readers a top tip?

I have four tips:

  • Pick tools that are appropriate for your audience, business and market and use these consistently.
  • Be careful not to get distracted when updating your Facebook page – stay focused!
  • Join LinkedIn groups that your target customers have joined and add value to their discussions.
  • Invest in training so that you are using the tools well.

Contact Information

You can contact Ellen on LinkedIn,

ElleRich Training Ltd Twitter, Website, Facebook;

Ellen Unlimited Twitter, Website, Facebook;

Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust Website, Facebook