As you may know, YouTube is owned by Google+.  When you create a YouTube account, a Google+ profile is automatically created for you.  Up until the last couple of weeks there was no way to associate a YouTube account with a Google+ Page only a Profile which has been a real pain.

To explain this further.  I set up my accounts a long time ago:

I created my YouTube branded account using an email address.  The account was branded Concise Training but was linked to an effectively default Google+ Profile (office@).

Concise Training YouTube Channel

I created my Google+ profile with a email address and created my Concise Training Google+ Page using this account.

Up to recently there was no way to link my Concise Training YouTube account with my Concise Training Google+ Page. Or to avoid having to log out of one and login to the other.

To link the two, I needed to go through the following steps;

1. Make the Google+ Profile a manager on my Concise Training Google+ Page

2. Login to the YouTube account and click All Channels. Select the Concise Training YouTube channel.

3. Click YouTube Settings.

4. Click Advanced

5. Select Link to Concise Training Google+ Page

6. As if by magic, the links are made with the added advantage that the videos from my YouTube ConciseTraining channel are shown directly on the Concise Training Google+ Page and anything uploaded to the channel will be posted as a status update on the page.  Fantastic!

The other advantages of this change is that you can manage multiple YouTube channels from the one account and assign managers to each channel so more than one person can upload videos to the account.  Saves me time!

Just one thing to note.  This works on all my existing channels but not on channels I created today.  It may take 24 hours for the roll out to happen.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have you had a go with this yet?  What do you think?