As you may know, I have taken my Face to Face workshops that I deliver either here in Faringdon, Oxfordshire or on client site, and created a series of interactive E-learning courses to offer an alternative solution of learning.  Many people believe that one or other option works better but I am a firm believer that each solution I offer has a place in learning depending on the requirements of the individual or business.  I thought it would be interesting to discuss why you would choose E-learning or Face to Face training.

Why Choose E-Learning?

1. Learn at your own pace
Our E-learning courses allow you to take your time through the course to take in the Concise Training online Social Media coursesinformation in bite-sized chunks. ‘How to’ videos can be replayed as you work through the tools so you really make sure you understand or have completed the task correctly.

2. Learn in your environment
No travel costs involved or time away from the office. You can sit down and do your learning in an evening or at the weekend  – your choice.

3. Ensure all your staff have the same learning
No problems about people being away or busy on the day of the learning – all staff have access to the same learning opportunities. They will get the same ‘best practice’ messages.

4. Keep Up to Date
The world of Social Media is always changing as you probably know. Our courses are updated twice each year to represent the new way of using tools or the new functionality available. You get access to the material for 12 months when you purchase the course together with an option to renew at a reduced rate.

5. Learn when you want to
Can’t remember how to do something? Just open up the learning and have another look. The E-learning is always available – you just need an internet connection (and remember your userid / password!)

6. Remember and implement the learning
Did you know that generally learners retain 10% of what they are taught in a workshop and implement 10% of what they retain. (I’d like to think my numbers are better than that!). With E-learning you don’t need to remember, you can implement as you go.

Why Choose Face to Face Learning?

1. You learn better in a group
Many people like to learn in a group to get input from others and learn from others. ThisFace to Face training is a perfectly valid reason to join public workshops and is above and beyond the requirements and outcomes of the learning.

2. Bespoke Training Requirements
You may feel that you want bespoke training around a particular industry sector or your own business requirements. We can help you understand your particular training requirements and offer a package to meet these requirements. A combination of Face to Face and E-learning may work best for you.

3. Individual feedback and attention
There are people who need a higher level of individual support either with creating their Social Media profiles or using IT. This is a valid reason for attendance at workshops, though 1 – 1 training stretched over a period of time may suit these individuals better than a group workshop.

4. Motivation
If you or your staff know that you will never get round to completing the E-learning, then the best option for you is probably a Face to Face workshop. The workshops that I deliver are interactive, so you do actually use the tool during the workshop and will have a completed profile that you can use when you finish.

5. Focused Training
Some people prefer to get time out of the office and immerse themselves in a tool or a new area of knowledge for a day or half a day. Again, a perfectly valid reason to go for the Face to Face training option.

There is no right answer and the argument between E-Learning and Face to Face learning will continue for many years to come. I’m pleased to be able to offer a flexible solution to meet your requirements – whatever they are.  Have a look at the Face to Face  workshops and bespoke training options and our E-Learning courses.

Do let me know what you think.