Do you have a company profile on LinkedIn?  Even if you are a sole trader, it is a good idea to create a company profile.

Creating a company profile requires you to have an email address at the same domain name as your website.  You can add your logo, description of the company, specialities (keywords) and a list of the products or services you offer.

Once you have created your company profile, you can then link your individual profile to your company profile so your company logo is displayed on your individual profile along with a brief description of your company when visitors hover over the company name or logo.

You should then encourage people to follow the company profile.  The company profile LinkedIn Company Pagecan and should publish status updates about what is going on in the company and share useful and interesting information that is relevant to the industry.  The people who are following the company will get these updates in their news feed.

I was looking at a company today who has over 7,000 followers but has never published an update – what a marketing opportunity missed!

In the latest LinkedIn change, if Company A posts an update and Tom, who is following Company A, comments on the update, Company A can now comment on Tom’s comment so creating a conversation between Company A and Tom.

Do you have a company profile or do you follow companies?