I try to be really organised when it comes to email and try to only have email in my inbox that I haven’t yet dealt with.  All other email gets filed into folders.  I do get a certain amount of satisfaction when I reduce my email to less than 10!

About 12 months ago, I was doing a lot of travelling to London.  I was finding that I was answering email when I was on the train either on my laptop or using my phone and then got home and would have to go through the same email messages filing them.  This clearly was not a good use of time.  The reason for this was that I was using Outlook for my email with no server.

I looked into setting up Microsoft Exchange – and got a variety of quotes – all seeming to be quite high for what I wanted.  It was then suggested that I look at Google Apps.  Google Apps for BusinessGoogle Apps for Business currently costs £33 / user /year.

Now I use a Outlook front end on my desktop and laptop machines and use Mail on my iPad and iPhone and my newly acquired Nexus 10 (that is another story).

On every device, I can see all my folders and if I reply to email on one device that is reflected on all the other devices.  Fantastic.  It is effectively a Gmail account – so I could use Gmail if I get tired of Outlook – and links through to my Google+ account.

It was really easy to set up – I just needed to register my domain name and get my website hosting service to change some DNS server information.

On a separate note, I have also a different domain for which the email is monitored by myself and a colleague.  Using Google apps for this domain has solved this problem really easily as well.

Out of interest, Google apps comes with Google Drive (like drop box) and Google documents which allows simultaneous editing of documents.

What do you think?  Do you use Google apps?