So during May 2013 LinkedIn made another set of updates – to round up the changes that are being rolled out at the moment:

1. Tags

You can now mention or tag people and companies within a personal statusLinkedIn Tagging update.  This is similar to Facebook.  By entering @Di in a status update any of your contacts that are called Di will be listed in a drop down list.  Click the right one and they will be included in the status update.  They will also receive an email to say that they have been mentioned.  This might be a good way of reaching out to individuals or businesses.

2. Include images or files on your LinkedIn profile

When you edit your summary, experience or education, youLinkedIn add file should soon start to see (or you may already have) the button shown on the right.  Clicking this button allows you to add a link to a slideshare presentation, video or document or upload a file or image directly to your profile.  This allows you to display videos that explain your business or images to show case your product or services.

3. LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn Today allows you to keep up to date with the news and share / comment on news that you find interesting or relevant.  LinkedIn Today has been changed so that you can now choose ‘channels’ to follow.  Channels are topics of interest eg. Customer service, recruiting and hiring, higher education.  You can also choose influencers to follow.  Unfortunately LinkedIn have removed the source filter that you used to be able to select so you can no longer choose to use UK based news.

News from your channels and influencers will now appear in your news feed for you to read, share, comment and like.

4. LinkedIn Contacts

This isn’t available in the UK yet – it is being rolled out to people in the US over the next few weeks.  LinkedIn Contacts is an extension of the LinkedIn Outlook connector app which I find extremely useful.  When you look at an individual’s profile in LinkedIn, the LinkedIn contacts app will show you all emails and other contacts that you have had with an individual.  You will be able to set reminders and write notes against a contact.  It will become your own personal Customer Relationship Management system.  It will be interesting to see how to works out.

5. Mobile Phone App

The new mobile phone app is easier to use and customisable.  It also feels very quick – definitely worth updating.

LinkedIn Online Course

By the way, all these updates and more will shortly be incorporated into our LinkedIn online course.  Don’t forget for just £97 + VAT, you will get access to our course for 1 year which will include 2 updates to the course material.  By working through the e-learning course, you will find out how to find more business using LinkedIn.  How much business do you need to see a return on your £97 investment?

Over to You

So what do you think?  I would love to get your thoughts on these changes.