The second of our weekly interviews in which we discover how real businesses are making Social Media work for them. Please meet Jody Fletcher also known as chillijody from Chilli Promotions.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a supplier of branded marketing merchandise and corporate gifts.  This includes things for conferences and events, direct marketing and other marketing collateral including usb sticks, pens etc.

Jody Fletcher

How do you use Social Media?

I use Social Media to keep in touch with people as a ‘soft contact’. I do quite a bit of face to face networking and when I meet somebody I follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest as a way of keeping in contact. I have also found Social Media helpful in developing brand awareness. People have heard of the brand and know me through our conversations on Social Media even though they may not have met me or even spoken to me. I have turned up to networking events where people have greeted me as ‘chillijody’!

Can you share a Personal Success Story?

I have had numerous referrals and orders from Social Media. Twitter in particular has proved to be successful though I have had success with my Facebook page as well.

Can you give our readers a top tip?

My top tip is to be authentic and consistent. Don’t schedule a load of tweets and then wait a week before you look at the results – if you are going to engage on Twitter or any of the tools, try to be regular so people can have a conversation with you and get to know you. They will then want to help you and your business.

Contact Information

You can contact Jody on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Chilli Promotional Products