Reasons to use Google+

I’ve been updating the latest version of our on line Google+ course this week.

I haven’t looked in detail at Google+ for a couple of months and I’m impressed with the changes – the functionality seems to be developing well and coming together.  This is one site that I for one, need to spend more time on, as there seem to be some great new changes in the pipeline.  (I’ll need to schedule in more updates to the on line course!)

But isn’t it just another social networking site that we all need to get our heads round?  Well yes, but it is also more than that:

1. When Google indexes your website for search, it takes a view on how the website / brand is viewed by others.  One of the ways it does this at the moment is by looking at the quality of inbound links to the website.  Using Google+, the number of +1s (Google’s equivalent of like) on your page and posts will instantly tell Google what others think of your brand.

2. if you sign up for Gmail, YouTube or other Google services, Google will automatically create a Google+ profile for you.  Yes this is intrusive and you will need to check your security settings, but it is just one more way that Google+ is being integrated into all the other Google services.

3. If you are a local business, then having a Google+ page allows customers toTulleys Farm - Google Reviews write reviews on your business.  The number of reviews you get are displayed prominently in Google search results and clicking on the reviews will take visitors to the business’ Google+ page to see photos and more information. There is even a possibility of having a 360 degree photo of the inside of your business created!

4. Google Authorship allows your picture to be displayed in search results next to any content you have written on the web. It is more likely that people will click on a results with a picture than those with not.
Mail chimp - social proof

5. Google+ is made by Google and Google are spending time and money on it adding new features all the time and further integrating into search.

So 5 reasons for you and I haven’t mentioned Google hangouts, targeting updates or Google Events…..

What do you think?  Are you going to take another look? Or perhaps you need help or training…..