I have spent today exhibiting at the Experience Business event in Wallingford.  I don’t oftenExperience Business do exhibitions, probably about one a year on average, but I liked the sound of this one.  It didn’t cost an arm and a leg to exhibit – which makes a change, I had the opportunity to speak during the day and all profits from the event went to the Aspire Charity (more on this later).  The other thing that was different, was that all exhibitors were encouraged to give their visitors something practical to do rather than just talk and give out leaflets.

There weren’t a large number of visitors – something that is always difficult at these events – but the people that were there were genuinely interested in what was available.  Most people I spoke to had at least 3 quality leads by the end of the today.  Personally, I sold another 3 Social Media Made Simple books and had good conversations with a number of people, several of which could lead to long term work.  A successful day all in all.

I met some really interesting people during the day offering exciting and different products and services.  I had a great chat with Janice from Thames Training.  Janice offers first aid courses to individuals and businesses.  As she said, most first aid is actually given in the home rather than at work.  How many of us feel competent if something were to happen?

Tim Moody from Tech Trial has a fantastic website – you can actually purchase technology from his site that you can try for 21 days before you commit to buying.  He also offers reviews and suggestions of the best technology for your situation.

The final business I  want to mention is Nikhilesh Haval from NiKcreationS.  Nikhilesh is the Oxfordshire Google Photographer. This means that he can take 360 degree photos of the inside of your business and upload them to the Google server.  From here the photo is linked to your Google+ Profile.  For a local business, your Google+ Profile is linked to Google Maps and street view.  Have a look at Lassco as an example.

By the way Aspire is a fab charity which helps get people who are long term unemployed back to work.  When a long term unemployed person joins Aspire, they join one of the teams to provide work such as gardening, recycling or even setting up an ebay page.  By working through Aspire, they receive motivation, self confidence and normally find employment.

So all in all a great day. Thanks to organisation from Chantal Cornelius from Appletree, Ann Griffiths from Vision Coaching, Jeanette Howse from Tourism South East and The Springs Hotel.  I look forward to next year!