On 29th February, Facebook announced the introduction of Timelines for business pages.  Businesses have between now and 31st March to investigate and create their timeline with an ‘automatic’ change happening on 31st march.  (In the past, Facebook automatic changes haven’t always happened when scheduled!).

It is worth spending some time reviewing your page to make sure that it looks good before the change.

Access your page in the normal way and then select the Preview option to look at the Timeline.  From now on, the only way to access the Timeline version (until you publish it) is to use your Personal Facebook profile and search for the page.  If you use the ‘Use As’ option, it will display the old version.

The areas you want to look at are:

1. Cover Page – load a picture that represents your business.  Facebook states that you are not allowed to include calls to action, contact details, discounts ‘like us’, etc.  You could include a QR code of your contact information perhaps?

2. Make sure the profile picture looks OK.  It needs to be square and 180 pixels wide.

3. The About Me section can include your website, contact info and a brief description of what you do.  It is a small amount of text though, depending what business you are.

4. You can display up to 12 apps on the right.  This are equivalent to the old tabs.  Make sure you display the most important ones first.  The only one that can’t be changed is Photos at the beginning – another indication of the importance of photos on the Facebook business pages.

5. Important status updates can be pinned to the top or starred to go across the whole page to indicate importance.

6. You can add old photos of your business (if applicable!)

Have a look at my business page https://www.facebook.com/ConciseTraining  I would love to know what you think!