Last week, LinkedIn announced that it has changed the way that a profile is calculated as being 100% complete.  As you know, it is important to obtain a 100% complete profile so that you appear high in Search Results and generally get promoted by LinkedIn.

The main change, which I know will please my clients, is that you no longer need 3 recommendations to obtain a 100% profile.  Instead you need to have 50 connections and 5 or more skills.  I’m not personally sure how much having skills adds to a profile.  You can add any skill you like (there is a list or you can add your own) and there is no evidence of you actually having the skill!  You do still need to include your school and you need to add your postcode.  Be aware of the postcode – LinkedIn doesn’t always recognise valid postcodes – you may need to adjust it slightly!

It might be worth checking that you are still 100% complete.  What do you think of the changes?   Do let me know.