As many of you know, I talk ‘Social Media’ wherever I go.

It is interesting seeing how the general opinion of people towards Social Media have changed over the three years that I have been ‘going on’ about this fantastic way of marketing your business.

Three years ago, there was much resistance to this new medium – in fact, I think people thought I was on a different planet as I tried to get them to embrace this new method of marketing!  Now, there seem to be three schools of thought:

1. Dancing In the Rain

A significant number of businesses are now using Social Media marketing as a key method of establishing their brand, receiving recommendations and yes, generating hits to their website and ultimately increasing their income.  In general, these are the businesses who are engaging with their audience using Social Media – having conversations and finding out more about their customers and influencers

2.  Under the Umbrella

There are a number of businesses who have profiles and are broadcasting on Social Media.  These businesses may not have wonderful profiles, but realise that Social Media Marketing isn’t going away and they need to get involved. I suggest, these businesses now need to take the next steps to improve their profiles, ensure they are using the correct Social Media tools and change from ‘broadcast mode’ to engagement.

3. Staying Dry

I still talk to people who don’t want to get involved.  It is a ‘waste of time’ or ‘not for us’ I often get told.  I agree that it is not for every business – and certainly every business should take the time to understand which tool is right for their situation.

This is a new way of marketing though, I wonder how many managers or CEOs realise that they can’t or don’t want to use Social Media themselves, but don’t want to let somebody else do it for them as they will have to let go of  the marketing message?

I definitely encounter a ‘fear’ of losing control.  What is the solution?  I would suggest the need for education and training for both the CEO/ manager and the person who will be pushing the content out.

Remember if your employees are engaging around the policies and guidelines you have created, you will have better control of the message than if you put your ‘head in the sand’ as others will still be talking about you.

Where are You?

I encourage you to join us ‘dancing in the rain’ and would love to help you get wet.  Where are you at the moment?  Do let me know.