As part of marketing your presence on Social Media sites, it is a good idea to create Social Media buttons on your website and content.  It can be quite confusing though – which button to use in which circumstance.  Once you have decided on the button that you want, click on the link to choose your own options in terms of name, size, colour, etc.  Then copy and paste the generated HTML code and include in your website – or give to your website designer.


1. Twitter Follow Button

Twitter Follow ButtonCreate this button to promote your business Twitter account.  Visitors can follow with just one click.

Get the Twitter Follow button.

2. Tweet Button

Tweet a Link to the ContentThis button is used to allow your visitors to share a link to your content on their Twitter stream.  You can modify the button to add a @mention if you wish.

Get the Tweet button.

3. Twitter Website Widget

Twitter Profile Button

This option allows you to create a dynamic widget to showcase your Twitter activity on your website.

There are 4 types of widgets you can create:
Profile Widget – shows your most recent updates,
Search Widget – shows search results in real time (use for a hashtag you are promoting)
Faves Widget – highlight tweets you’ve marked as favourites
List Widget – Showcase tweets from users on a particular Twitter list

Get the Twitter website widget


1. Facebook Like Box

 You can create a smaller version of this box if you prefer.  However, if Facebook is a appropriate place for your audience, it may be appropriate to display who likes your Facebook page.

This widget allows visitors to become a fan or ‘like’ your Facebook Business page without leaving your website.

Get the Facebook Like button




2. Facebook Share Button

Facebook Share buttonThis buttton allows visitors to give a virtual ‘thumbs up’ to your content.  By clicking the Like Button, a story also appears on the visitor’s Facebook profile and in their friend’s news feeds with a link back to your content.

Get the Facebook Share button


1. Follow LinkedIn Company Profile

Follow Company on LinkedInFollow LinkedIn Company Profile Alternative

Allows visitors to follow your company profile which means they will see your company updates in their stream.

There are two alternatives to this button as you can see.

Get the Follow Us button on the left

Get the button on the right – you will need to use the Follow Us image from LinkedIn and add html code to link to your website.

2. LinkedIn Share Button

LinkedIn Share ButtonAllows visitors to easily share your content with their LinkedIn connections.

Get the LinkedIn Share button.


3. LinkedIn Product / Service Recommend Button

Allows your website visitors to recommend your products and services if you’ve added the product /service to your LinkedIn Company Pages’s Products tabs.

Get the LinkedIn Recommend button

Google +

1. Google+ Page / Profile Button

Google+ PageAllows visitors to follow your Google+ Page.  Visitors will need to click the button and add your page to one of their circles to follow you.

Get the Google+ button.

2. Google +1 Button

Allows visitors to recommend your content (to others and to search engines)

Get the Google+1  Button


What do you think?  What buttons do you use? Please let me know below.