Have you noticed problems with HootSuite over the summer?

During August, I found that my search columns were not updating.  I have a column set up to show me all tweets that mention

“concisetraining” OR “Concise Training”

This is so that I just have one column which shows everything I have said as well as whenever I have been mentioned (with or without the @ sign).

Looking on the HootSuite forum gives the suggestion to remove the final quote from the stream – so my search becomes

“concisetraining” OR “Concise Training

Surprisingly this worked!  I then replaced the quote and it still worked.

Another client that I have worked with took one of the search options that she had out of her stream which also caused it to work.

So in summary, if you are having a problem with HootSuite search columns, try editing the search term and it should kickstart.  Let me know if this has worked for you.