I don’t know if you have noticed that the Daily Telegraph Travel section have just started running a competition to ‘Win a Kindle’ during July.  It makes an interesting case study.

The competition was mentioned in the Daily Telegraph Travel section on July 2nd – win a Kindle every hour between 10am and 6 every Friday in July.  It was in the small print though, no big splash – and the direction given was to a website page

Last Friday, I thought I would give this a go.  I couldn’t remember the website page so I searched around for a bit and found a link to the  TelegraphTravel facebook page.

You could take part in one of three ways (that I could find):

1. www.telegraph.co.uk/kindlecompetition and fill in your name and email address

2. Like the Telegraph Travel facebook page and then click a link to enter your first name and email address.

3. Click the link from the TelegraphTravel twitter feed which would take you to the sign up form.

You could enter more than once.

When I ‘liked’ the TelegraphTravel facebook page at about 11am last Friday – the competition had been running for an hour, there were just over 350 ‘likes’.  There are now 1,164 likes – not a huge increase in number, but not bad for a few hours – and now they have those fans as a captive audience.

The competition was also promoted through Twitter – which took people direct to the sign in page on the website.

Both facebook and Twitter kept people informed of who had won the kindle (not me unfortunately!) and answered any questions.

This is a nice example of joined up Social Media (almost).  I would be interested on how the return on investment is measured and what was their original objective.

They are gathering email addresses – is this worth the cost of over 35 kindles?  I wonder how many of these are email addresses that they don’t already have?  I was surprised that my having entered the competition through the link on facebook didn’t appear on my wall – this would potentially have generated interest through my facebook friends, similarly through Twitter.

It will be interesting to see how the campaign changes during the next month – and what use is now made of my valuable email address.

What do you think – have you done anything similar?