One of the things I am often asked during my Social Media Workshops is what should I say?

The exact content and frequency of your updates is dependent upon your audience and your type of business and also the Social Media tool that you are using. For example, I would recommend a quality update once a week on LinkedIn using the 160 characters available, whereas Twitter lends itself to more frequent, informal updates.

Suggestions for content

– Add Value, give people a reason to follow you

– Give people tips that are relevant to your product or service

– Give answers to questions you are frequently asked about your product or service

– Promote events that you are attending / have attending or are presenting / exhibiting

– Ask people their opinion of a topical subject

– Give ideas of questions that people should ask if they are going to buy your type of product or service

– Celebrate your successes (keeping client confidentiality)

– Ask for help (in finding a supplier or solving a problem)

– Link to / comment on interesting news items

– Share articles that you have read that are related to your product or service

– Personal, real time information (infrequent, but come over as a person)

– Reply to other’s comments.

– New products or promotions that you are selling (but be careful not to overdo this)

I would suggest that you write down a list of things you could talk about and then identify which update should appear on which of the tools that you are using and which can be scheduled to happen automatically in the future.

Take the time to set up scheduled updates on your tool of choice every week or every month.  Make sure you put time aside each day (if possible) to engage in real time conversation with your followers.

Over time, monitor the results – which type of update do you get the most engagement from?  Do make sure you review and update every few months.

What do you talk about on Social Media – do add your suggestions for everybody to learn from.