Have you seen the new polling feature that is available on Facebook?

This is part of facebook questions which appeared for UK users at the end of March 2011.

Facebook Status Bar

If you look at your share bar, you will see an additional icon – Question.

You have two options –

1. Ask a question that people can answer on an adhoc basis

2. Provide answers and ask people to vote on their favourite answer

When you have written your question (and options if appropriate), click Ask Question.

The question or poll will be displayed in the News Feed of all your contacts (if asked from a personal profile) or your fans (if asked from a business page).

If a friend or fan answers one of your questions, it will appear in their friends’s News Feeds, which increases the number of people who can view and answer your question – as this spreads, you can get answers from people outside your immediate friends.

To answer a question, simply click on the option that applies to you.

Your profile picture will be displayed next to this answer and the question with your response will be displayed on the News Feeds of your contacts.

As you can see from this image, although I originally gave 5 options in the poll, only 3 are displayed with the option to click on 2 more.  This might be worth thinking about when you create your question.  Also, as you can see, only part of your answer options are displayed – again worth thinking about when creating your question.

To get an idea of questions that your contacts have asked or answered, click on Questions on the left hand side of your Facebook Home page.  You might need to click More to see this option.

What do you think of Questions?  Can you see a business use for them or do you find them to be an annoyance?  Let me know.