Are you using the Company Profile section on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn has recently enhanced the Company Profile section of the application.  This

gives you more control over the company profile and allows you to highlight particular services or products that you offer.

It is a good idea to create a Company Profile on LinkedIn to enhance your internet footprint, to help you be found on LinkedIn and Google and now to promote your products and services.

If you haven’t already created a company profile, edit your current position on your individual profile and add your company again.  Add at least the company name and description.

One of the changes that I like is that if you are in a large company, you can designate who can change the Company Profile on LinkedIn.  Anybody with the company email address used to be able to change the information.  Don’t forget to designate yourself!

On the company profile, you can add specialties (these may be different from your individual specialties), a Twitter id and your company blog posting.

For each product or service you offer, you can add a description, a link to you website, who to contact and if appropriate, special offers.

You can now add a ‘Follow us on linkedin’ button to your website.  This allows people you do not know and are not connected with, to follow any company updates on your LinkedIn profile.

This all adds to increasing your internet footprint and promoting your services.

Let me know what you think and whether you will be creating a company profile on LinkedIn.