I’ve been doing a fair bit of LinkedIn training recently.  As you probably know, it is really important that you have a strong profile on LinkedIn.  This ensures that you can be found via the LinkedIn search and ensures that you give the correct impresssion if any of your extended contacts look at your profile.

The headline or title or ‘put directly under your name’ is your headline.  Not only is this included in the keyword search, but it is also the first thing that is seen after your name.  If you think carefully, you can really use this headline to your advantage.

As an example, which of the following headlines gives the viewer more information?

Mary Thomas, Owner at Concise Training


Mary Thomas, Social Media and Microsoft Office Specialist for Concise Training

It is worth spending a bit of time thinking about what keywords are relevant to your business and what your particular role is in the company and crafting your headline accordingly.

It never does any harm changing your headline every so often.  It adds to your status updates and shows a different size of your business.

What do you think?