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Bespoke Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office has a set of very powerful tools that can be used in business – but so many people only use a small percentage of what is available.  Sometimes this is due to a lack of need but often it is because you are not aware of the shortcuts or features available.  We have saved our clients hours of time by introducing them to better ways of achieving a result.

When you contact us for Microsoft office training, we will send you a needs assessment checklist for your staff to complete.  We will then create a bespoke course to ensure we train you in what you need to know, not what you already know.  We recommend:

  • each course is no more than ½ day (as this is normally the limit of the information that an individual can learn in one go)
  • each course has no more than 8 participants to ensure all individual questions can be answered
  • all participants have access to laptops /computers so skills can be practised in the session

Training takes a scaffolding approach where skills are built on during the session.  For each skill, Mary will demonstrate and then learners are asked to complete an exercise with individual support as required.  Learners are asked to relate the skills they are learning back to their actual job where possible.

All learners leave the Microsoft Office training with a USB flash drive containing exercises for them to repeat and a PDF handout covering skills covered in the session.

We can offer training in all versions of the applications (Office 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365).

The cost of training will be dependent on where your business is and the numbers to be trained.  A typical cost would be

  • £800 + VAT per day for businesses around Oxford or Swindon
  • £950 + VAT per day for businesses in London
  • £900 + VAT per day for businesses around Milton Keynes

We are happy to travel further afield. Call us today on +44 (0)1865 522 658 to discuss your requirements or email us now.

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Testimonials MS Office 1
The best thing about the workshop was the bespoke nature of the intense 1 to 1 session.
testimonial 30 Excel workshop
I enjoyed learning about Absolute Referencing
testimonial 29 Excel workshop
The practice exercises were clear and easy to understand.
testimonial 28 Excel workshop
The workshop was an excellent pace and a great interactive session. Julie Smith, Clark Holt
Testimonial 7 powerpoint workshop
The best thing about the workshop was doing the exercises as part of the training. Francesca, BCL Solicitors LLP
"Mary gave detailed explanations which were just what I needed"
"A well run and informative workshop"
"I've come away knowing new time saving shortcuts and simple techniques"
"I gained useful tips that should speed things up in the future!"
"Everything was very clear and easy to understand"
"The workshop was clear, concise and easy to follow"
"Mary had a great approach and was very good at explaining everything to us"
"The flexible approach was great - it meant that we could ask questions as we went"
"The session was incredibly useful and interactive"
"The session was interactive with plenty of chances to ask questions"
Microsoft Office Training