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Digital Security

The GDPR and PECR changes in 2018 have heightened awareness of the need to mitigate the risk of data breaches.  You need to ensure that your business has the right procedures in place and that your staff are using best practice to reduce the risk of a data breach.

Although each session delivered will cover the same basic issues, we will ensure that we understand your current security setup and any particular issues that you are facing.  The training will be delivered in an interactive way and will give practical tips staff can use both in work and in their personal lives.  During the 1.5 hour session, we will discuss (at a minimum) using scenarios and examples:


Cybersecurity / Data Protection

  • What is it?
  • Why does it matter?
  • Some examples
  • Everybody is responsible
  • Social Engineering – what is it and how to look out for it

Technical Security

  • Passwords
  • Using Email (spam and phishing)
  • Internet (using public Wi-Fi)
  • Mobile Technology (laptops and phones) – and allowing others access
  • Keeping safe when using personal technology – using antivirus / firewalls
  • Using screen lockouts
  • Backup and Encryption
  • Deleting contact information


  • Processes when people leave
  • Paper Files
  • Waste destruction
  • Client sign-in sheets etc
  • What to do if something happens?

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Testimonial 8 Bespoke Digital Security
"I liked the examples provided.  The training was easy to follow and the trainer very knowledgeable"
Testimonial 7 Bespoke Digital Security
"I liked the examples used through the training.  The whole workshop made me think about what I am currently doing". Jeremy Holt, (Clark Holt)
Testimonial 6 Bespoke Digital Security
"I went away with a manageable 'to-do' list.
Testimonial 5 Bespoke Digital Security
"I found the information on public WIFI useful"
Testimonial 4 Bespoke Digital Security
"I now have greater knowledge about the reasons for needing to do certain things". (Belinda Walters, Clark Holt)
Testimonial 3 Bespoke Digital Security
"I liked the scenarios used and the discussion about how it related to this firm."
Testimonial 2 Bespoke Digital Security
I liked the use of a scenario to illustrate the points made.  The information about public WiFi and hacking was useful.
Testimonial 1 Bespoke Digital Security
The best thing about the workshop was the practical knowledge I gained (Philip Humphreys, Clark Holt)

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