Learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

As some of you may know, one of the modules we cover in our City & Guild qualifications is around CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).  CSR is all about caring and looking after the environment, the employees, and the community amongst other things.

It is very true that many small business owners just do Corporate Social Responsibility activities without talking about them.  Although this is understandable, why not shout about the good work that you do?

With this in mind, we thought we should share some of our recent Corporate Social Responsibility.  Have a look at our CSR page for more general information.

We have been delighted to support some local and international causes recently via Corporate Social Responsibility Activities.

Faringdon Junior School

We are so proud to support our local community and we’re pleased to be able to donate money for 89 gloves to help the pupils regenerate the Peace Garden at Faringdon Junior School – it looks wonderful – well-done everyone!

Football Without Borders Kenya

The concept that small differences drive big changes is a powerful one.  Add an extraordinary person and those changes can be life-enhancing.  In partnership with Koi Sports CIC, we are so proud to have donated a sewing machine in support of the Menstrual Hygiene program run by Osoya George of Football Without Borders Kenya.  We are delighted to support such a meaningful community cause – and help to empower girls and women.

Find out more about how these great organisations are making a difference!

Football Beyond Borders

Koi Sports CIC