Are you looking for a digital marketing qualification?

The start of the Euros, Wimbledon and of course with the Olympics just around the corner, got me thinking… what behaviours do top athletes demonstrate to help them reach their maximum potential?

I was particularly inspired to watch Andy Murray make a winning return at Wimbledon this week, coming back to defeat Nikoloz Basilashvili – a fantastic result!

Such a great testimony to the winning combination which comes from absolute self-belief, a winning mindset training, and discipline.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary a definition of belief is:

  1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.


Henry Ford once wrote“whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”


Beliefs are so powerful – they can be the driving force that help us achieve our goals or be limiting and stop us in our tracks.

Does this sound familiar – ever said… I want to change my career BUT

  • I don’t have time to study, work and live.
  • I’m not an academic.
  • I’ve got no experience.
  • It costs too much.

No one said change is easy however reframing a limiting belief – I can’t into I CAN belief is a powerful first step!

There are so many benefits to building a positive and empowering belief system: –

  • Gives us clarity and direction – purpose and vision to our goals.
  • Drives action!
  • Helps us to find creative solutions and overcome obstacles.

With summer here (in between the rain-showers) and the start of the holiday season, maybe now is the ideal time to reflect on what we really want from our careers and take the first step to achieving our goals.

Think about how you would like to make progress and write down your goal in one sentence.  Remember to make your goal personal, positive, possible, and present tense.


You CAN achieve your dreams.

  • Change those limiting beliefs into I WILL and I CAN.
  • You need to add the dedication – it is amazing how much percentage effort we put into the things we really, really want!

If your goal is a career in social media and digital marketing and you have access to the internet – we can help you achieve your goal!

  • We can help you learn new skills.
  • We can offer you the support you need to succeed.


Remember:  “You cannot hit a goal you can’t see” – Brian Tracy



Train for Success – Spotlight Qualification

This month we would like to focus on our internationally recognised, accredited qualification – City & Guilds Diploma in Digital Marketing.

The time to train and learn new skills in digital marketing and social media – is now!

Online marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world!  According to a recent LinkedIn Workplace Learning report published in Social Media Today, there is a skills gap for people with social media and digital marketing knowledge and skills.

Our comprehensive, fully interactive course enables you to develop the key skills needed to create digital ad campaigns, optimise SEO, use social media channels, right the way through to creating an effective marketing strategy and even a fully functional WordPress website

This digital marketing qualification is fully online and is comprised of 17 e-learning modules, 18 practical assignments as well as projects, and monthly live webinars to support your learning.

You will also receive full, comprehensive, and empathic support from a personal tutor.


Success Stories

We are great believers in providing an interactive and practical learning experience that gets results!

We also love to share success stories – have a look at these websites two of our delegates created and designed during training.   We think you will agree they look great! Find them here: Skinic and Swindon Advocacy Movement.



Read this testimonial from a recent graduate of our Diploma in Digital Marketing qualification:

‘’I recently completed Concise Training’s Diploma in Digital Marketing and it presented me with a great opportunity to upgrade and update my marketing skills.

The course material was rigorous but provided in-depth insight not only on social media management, website development, and creating content but also on the basics of business and marketing management.

The course equips you with practical skills, and I am able to apply my new-found “talent” not only at my place of work but also in my personal life. Thanks to Mary, Di and Steve for their dedication and support! I highly recommend this course.’’


How do I fund my digital marketing qualification?

We can offer several payment options for this course.

Advanced Learner Loan

Good news if you live in England – this course is available via an Advanced Learner loan subject to eligibility.  Find out more about the Advanced Learner Loan.

Contact me today if you would like to apply for the advanced learner loan.

Private Payment

If you pay directly through Concise Training, tuition fees are discounted to £3456 (inc vat) for a single payment or 15 monthly payments of £236.40 (inc vat)

Download the course brochure here to see the full course syllabus, training and learning methods and support.

There are no formal entry requirements so whatever your background, experience – you bring the dedication and desire to succeed, and we can help achieve your goal!

There are limited places available for our next course starting 5th July 2021 – there is still time to enrol – email me now.



Jackson Brown once said, “find a job you love, and you add five days to every week”.