Recently we caught up with one of our past learners; Jennifer Corcoran.

You finished working through our training courses about 8 months ago.  How have things changed in your businesses since you started?

I can hand on heart say that doing my training with Concise Training has literally changed the course of my professional career.  I was an Office Manager within Financial Services in London when I first started training with you guys back in 2014. I’m currently a Solopreneur working out of TMRW which is the largest tech hub in South London in my home town of Croydon. In August 2016, I quit my role of 11 years to do some continued professional development and in April 2017 I launched my first business.   I have drawn on my extensive experiences in the provision of high-level, high-quality executive support to set up My Super Connector.

Tell me more about your business

My Super Connector is a Social Media Consultancy.  In a nutshell, I help passionate people in business to polish their social media profiles and connect with finesse.   I cover the platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogging.  By using my social media and social media management training, I’m able to engage Personal Assistants, Solopreneurs and small companies to review and assess their social media offerings and provide valuable advice and training on how to improve their presence in order to drive growth, productivity and profitability.

Do you remember why you took the Concise Training courses?

I was fed up of feeling out of the loop and wanted to feel comfortable online and doing your courses gave me that much-needed spring in my step.  I loved the e-learning platforms as I could do them at my own pace and in my own time.  It’s safe to say that to cut through and add value in this digital age you must increase your visibility and improve your chance of being heard.  Social media is not going away anytime soon and it’s a perfect platform for introverts like myself to shine and make an impact.  Thanks to you guys I’m an award-winning entrepreneur as your training enabled me to connect, collaborate and thrive.

Going forward, I’ll be keeping in the loop in the Concise Social Networking Support Club which keeps me abreast of all developments in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as Social Media, as you know, is ever changing at a rapid pace.  I especially love the monthly update reports which help to keep my finger on the pulse.   It’s reassuring to know that I can get my social media enquiries answered by experts in a fun and informal way and I’m forever learning from the engaged community members.

What are your aims for the rest of 2017?

My mission for My Super Connector is focused around the fact that you don’t have to be the loudest person to get noticed, you’ve just got to be the most effective.  2017 for me is about getting the word out that I’m in business and hoping to help as many people as I can reach their target audience and business/career goals.  I’ve two speaking gigs coming up and some potential podcasts and guest blogs so the future is looking exciting.  There is a lot of networking and connecting on the horizon!

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